Exploring Cultural Diversity With Children

Exploring Cultural Diversity With Children

When planning my projects for sessions with children, I often tie in lessons of cultural diversity to introduce the children to artistic traditions and techniques from various people groups and various time periods in history.

Here’s a few culturally diverse projects some of my students have completed recently:


Tribal Twigs

I taught children how various tribes use colors and patterns to identify their groups and how the use of symbolism can mean important things to their tribe, such as family history, their place of residence, qualities that are important to them, and can be expressions of communication.

I encouraged the children to think about what is important to them – their favorite colors, their hobbies, their family. They each chose a twig, and decorated it with tissue paper, yarn, and paint.

Aboriginal Paintings

We discovered the amazing creativity of the Australian Aboriginal people through creating Aboriginal paintings using the dotted texture patterns found in some of the Aboriginal tribal artworks. The students seemed really excited to explore this fun way of painting with dots. We used q-tips, and some students were able to create dots by holding a small paintbrush upright.

Paper Mola Artworks

Another fun project was to introduce students to the amazing Mola textile designs in Panama’s fashion culture. I showed several images of the interesting patterns and lines displayed in various Mola pieces, and then had the children use that as inspiration to create drawings on paper. The students all jumped right into the project and came up with some very imaginative and exciting works of art.