Project Inspiration: Freeform Weaving Boards

Freeform Weaving BoardHere is a fun and easy process-based creative project I did with several children recently. I offered the children 8 x 10 pieces of masonite board, yarn, and several random items such as feathers, silk flowers, jewelry pieces, various types of threads and fibers.

The children (some with my assistance) created a grid with yarn on the masonite by wrapping the yarn around the board both horizontally and vertically so that the boards are divided into squares. I instructed the children they could create larger or smaller grid squares as they wished.

I helped them tie off the yarn on the back to hold the grid pattern in place. And, then, the children turned the boards face up, and had tons of fun choosing the items to place on their boards. Some of the items were tied or secured onto the yarn grid lines, and some of the items were laced, woven, or loosely placed between the yarn lines.

I love the results! This project is an easy way to introduce sewing skills and fiber arts, and also allows children to work with materials of various textures.

Let me know if you try this project with the children in your life!

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